I came into my summer internship with netlogx expecting a summer of miscellaneous tasks, mainly looking forward to the professional skills that I would be developing while working in an office setting. Fortunately for me, this internship was so much more than that. Although I feel that I did develop in my professionalism, my work consisted of tasks that were both interesting and educational.

One of my main tasks for the summer was the preparation for the June Team Building Meeting. With constant support from Diane, Elizabeth, Vicki and other netlogx team members, I was able to successfully plan and execute our team’s quarterly meeting. This was a project that utilized my knack for organization and gave me the opportunity to gain experience planning an event with many moving parts.

After working so closely with Elizabeth during this project, she invited me to work with her on the preparations for the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC). We worked closely together on planning for this conference as well as planning for the booth for Ignite Your Superpower! (IYS), an event for 6th grade girls that is meant to spark interest in STEM. Both of these tasks were detail-oriented and once again put my organizational skills to the test.

By working on the projects mentioned above, as well as others, I was given the chance to facilitate several meetings. This is a task that intimidated me initially; however, it has proven to be an invaluable skill. This is an opportunity that is not readily available in most internships. One of the best parts of this experience is that netlogx holds interns to a high standard, entrusting us to do things that other interns don’t get to do. It is these opportunities that push us as college students, preparing us to enter the workforce.

In addition to working on these projects and others throughout the summer, one of my goals has been to connect with netlogx team members as well as contacts outside of netlogx. I have formed solid connections with the team members that work at our corporate office; however, the June Team Building Meeting was a great opportunity to expand those connections to team members that aren’t typically in the office. Additionally, I have met two women outside of netlogx that have offered me career advice and guidance that I am confident will impact me as I move through my career. I have truly learned the importance of networking and forming these connections that can add value in more than monetary forms.

All in all, my experience this summer was not what I expected it to be. From spending a day networking in a suite at the Indy 500 during my first week on the job, to conquering an escape room with Diane and the other interns, I found myself enjoying coming to work every day. Although I am sad to see this summer come to an end, the connections and experiences that were formed during this internship will facilitate my growth as a professional for years to come, and that is something I cannot thank netlogx enough for.