Although the titles “project manager” and “program manager” may sound similar, in reality, they are far from the same. Each role is unique, and netlogx is able to meet the needs of both roles.

A project manager is typically thought of as the individual in charge of running a project. They oversee the day-to-day operations of the project, manage the deliverables, and lead the project team. They are the person responsible for the outcome of the project, as well as the performance of their project teams.

A program manager is up one organizational level, in that they oversee multiple projects, but do not manage the individual projects. The program manager may even be engaged in multiple programs, meaning that they would then be responsible for various projects under multiple programs.

The program manager handles the interactions of the projects, navigating the various politics of the workplace in which the program is being performed, and seeks opportunities for new projects under that program umbrella.

The key in all this terminology is understanding where the two roles come together and where they differ. Project managers and program managers perform similar functions—the program manager just does these functions on a scale one level removed. The daily workings of the program manager involve zooming out and seeing how various projects interact.

In summary, the project manager handles a specific project that includes deliverables, people, and performance metrics. The program manager handles numerous projects under a single program umbrella, as well as the interpersonal interactions at a high level that affect both the acquisition of new projects and the success of current projects.

netlogx provides both project and program management services, which are areas in which we hold an outstanding track record. netlogx can support personnel with a large array of experience in both project and program management to ensure that your projects are managed effectively, efficiently, and with the scope of the overall program and success of the organization in mind.