Growing up in a small farming community, you’d think I would have been exposed to all things outdoors like farming, hunting, and gardening, but that was not the case! Our house was built on a road surrounded by hundreds of trees in a neighborhood aptly named Sherwood Forest.

There was a marsh across the street and a pond in front of the neighborhood. The occasional snapping turtle ended up in our yard from the marsh, and the mosquitos were incredibly vicious at dusk. The closest I ever got to hunting was the one time I shot my brother’s BB gun at a target resting on a tree branch.

Now, I am a mother and the only girl in a household of boys. I felt it was my responsibility to expose my family to gun safety, so I signed all of them up for a gun safety course. I wanted them to have gun awareness and education so they can make informed decisions on whether “conceal and carry” is for them.

My guys appreciated the gun safety class, and two out of the four enjoyed the target practice. I didn’t attend the class with them, and ever since it has been on my bucket list.

Recently, I crossed off that item when my husband and I registered for a gun safety class. During the class, we were taught about bullets, several types of guns, the dos and don’ts of carrying, and the process of loading a gun. We were also taught about how to handle a misfire and resolve other mistakes that people make when handling guns carelessly. The course was very informative, and I feel much more comfortable with the knowledge I gained.

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Then we were allowed into the shooting range with a gun of our choice to practice the skills and safety we learned. I was apprehensive about the casing and shells, but also about the “kick-back.” I was most concerned about the gun’s recoil because I thought my wrist and arm strength was not enough to hold the gun after a shot was fired.

I truly believe that one must learn to be uncomfortable in order to be comfortable in life and that those uncomfortable situations could reveal hidden talents. The results of my target practice were proof that I was a surprisingly good shot!

Perhaps it was just beginner’s luck, but my instructors were impressed with my skill as a first-timer and encouraged me to continue to practice. The jury’s still out, but I can honestly say that I made my uncomfortable situation comfortable in the end. I am more “in the know” about guns, and I feel good about that!