Although organizational change and its management can be critical for an organization to grow itself, organizational change management can only be successful with the use of effective communication.

Successful communication is key to informing team members of change and preventing employee resistance to organizational changes. Here are three ways you can effectively communicate your organizational change.

  1. Update Your Website or Employee Portal

By updating the organization’s website or employee portal, information about the organizational change is readily available to all employees while also maintaining correct information. Employees are able to access and reference the organizational change information at any time and any place without information becoming misconstrued from other employees. An updated website or portal also gives the organization a chance to provide their employees with helpful graphics, statistics, and reference material to further clarify the changes the organization would like to make.

  1. Hold an Organization-wide Meeting or Webinar

Another way organizational change can be effectively communicated is by having an organization-wide meeting or webinar. This allows all team members the opportunity to hear directly from leadership the changes that the organization will be making while also permitting employees the chance to discuss the changes and ask questions of leadership. Organization-wide meetings can be effective because leadership can provide accurate information while team members are able to voice their concerns.

  1. Train Leadership to Handle Questions, Concerns, or Issues

Finally, training the leadership team to effectively downstream information to their team members is another way to intrinsically communicate organizational change. By training leadership, each leader is able to properly address their own team’s concerns and questions and inform how the organizational change will affect them. Trained leaders will also be able to provide accurate information and insight to their team, which will allow employees an easier transition into the new organizational changes.

Without properly communicating your organization’s changes and steps of implementation, employees can become confused with misinformation and assumptions, which can impact an employee’s beliefs in and acceptance of these changes.

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