It’s not uncommon for organizations to encounter unforeseen challenges during large scope projects. Many problems that accompany these projects require a level of detail that cannot be managed in-house. In times like these, it can be incredibly helpful to employ Crisis or Rescue Project Management professionals like those at netlogx. Our consultants can help find and fill gaps to keep a project moving forward.

Recently, I managed an accreditation project for the development of new software. We acted in the best interest of the client, creating new and clear pathways of communication with the vendor. As the vendor developed the policies and procedures to meet the requirements for the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Accreditation, the client was able to view every step with transparency that would never have been possible without a knowledgeable intermediary. This project required a thorough understanding of the application and our client’s needs so that both the new software and the NCQA requirements were aligned. netlogx was able to act as the bridge between the two entities so that we could find success for both. 

Before netlogx assisted the client, much of the work was completed in silos. Now that the process is all-inclusive, it’s produced a clearer understanding of how credentialing is completed and highlights areas of improvement. The client was able to have a more holistic understanding of the credentialing process for new providers. They now have access to more information and are able to conduct in-depth and faster fact-finding before undertaking the work to assign resources appropriately.

Through working with this client, I have a deep appreciation for the excellent work they do and the efforts they put in to improve their practices. This project emphasized the importance of regular and direct communication between all vendors to ensure expectations are clear, and deadlines are met.

In Crisis or Rescue Project Management there are many unknowns. While it’s important to know how a project got off track so that we can take action to course-correct, we often see it’s not beneficial to spend time pointing fingers. Finding a working solution is an essential first step. As a consultant for this type of project management, learning to understand and appreciate the value of hard work of all parties as well as navigating and producing validation for the efforts of those who are involved in the project.

If you have a project that has gone off the rails, netlogx can help you get it back on track. Contact us today.