Data is the lifeblood of any business or organization, therefore protecting it should be any company’s highest priority. Understanding how valuable data is and how it can be leveraged against an organization is often something that isn’t thought about actively and therefore, it is not always prioritized properly. 

Compromised data can cost millions of dollars in either downtime or stolen information. It can also become a public relations nightmare as clients lose trust in an organization that promised to safeguard their sensitive information. 

To keep your data safe, a thorough understanding of the data that your organization handles is crucial. Organizations need to think through not only what the information entails, but also:

  • Why it’s communicated
  • Who it’s communicated to
  • Why it needs to be protected

Organizations often make the mistake of engaging in disaster recovery services after an attack rather than proactively implementing strong data security from the offset. netlogx ensures data governance best practices are in place and our clients have their data secured so they can prevent attacks and keep their business profitable. 

As an example, I am working on a communication plan for the City of Indianapolis, where cybersecurity is top of mind. As we coordinate how data is distributed, different layers of communication are prioritized. Some parts of the organization do not need certain portions of information or do not have the necessary security clearance to view specific data.  By creating a plan outlining who needs to have access to what information, we help ensure that the information is not mishandled, accidentally or maliciously. 

Keeping data secure isn’t just checking a box; it is an ongoing process. Organizations that do not put it at the forefront of company initiatives will pay the price eventually.