While designing To-Be business processes during Organizational Change Management (OCM), our consultants use business process mapping—the visual documentation of a business process from start to finish. This is accomplished by identifying roles and responsibilities, system inputs and outputs, and business tasks and decisions. 

Business process mapping sessions are most successful when the team involved includes the ground-level staff completing the work. These staff best understand how the process really works, including current issues and opportunities for improvement. It’s crucial to include representation from all stakeholder groups involved in the business process. 

Our consultants work with area subject matter experts to review and analyze current state documentation, collect business requirements, and address issues and pain points. Agreed recommendations as a result of the As-Is process mapping are incorporated into an efficient To-Be model that will address the changes taking place and streamline the processes.

Creating a healthy exchange of ideas with two-way communication builds the collaboration needed for a successful transition and promotes business process improvement. People who clearly understand what is going on are less likely to resist change and more likely to accept and even embrace the change effort.  Each stakeholder group receives messages tailored to their particular needs, disseminated by a variety of means to ensure messages are heard and understood.

netlogx is a strong partner who understands what is needed to manage change and has the resources to implement a successful effort. 

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