Coronavirus-specific report helps businesses identify and record adherence to changing mandates required for a safe workplace during the pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 18, 2021 Demonstrating proof that a business has complied with all applicable COVID-19 workplace safety protocols is critical to the defense against lawsuits, insurance claims, and affordable liability insurance coverage in the new normal. netlogx, a two-decade-old, women-owned Indianapolis consulting services company, has released its COVID-19 Safety Regulations Liability Report and data repository tool to help businesses capture vital details to help safeguard and instill confidence with employees and customers. 

Last year, netlogx faced the same operational challenges as other businesses during this continuously disruptive global pandemic. The company has employees located in multiple states and needed a way to keep track of ever-changing guidelines related to the pandemic, in addition to individual state regulations. Leveraging its expertise in project and process management, netlogx developed the COVID-19 Safety Regulations Liability Report for its clients, too. 

The database repository report contains a comprehensive list of industry-specific, federal and state OSHA and CDC workplace safety recommendations and requirements during COVID-19. This list contains start and stop dates for government mandates as they relate to areas including:

  • Health screening protocols, policies, PPE requirements, disinfection, and social distancing measures 
  • Employee communications plans
  • Return-to-work policy 
  • New sick leave protocols

This report also captures supporting documentation like photos, invoices, signage, and documents in other formats to show proof of compliance. In addition, netlogx will provide clients regular updates as new recommendations and safety guidelines become available. 

“It’s crucial to help ensure a safe environment for everyone in the workplace – employees, customers, and visitors,” said Stephanie Sponsel, chief operations officer at netlogx. “As businesses operate in unchartered waters, it is imperative that they both verify and document the proactive measures they have taken to protect their workplace and the community as a whole.”

COVID-19 business liability protection legislation by the Indiana General Assembly and similar laws enacted in other states do not provide blanket immunity. Liability reform does not apply to an act or omission that constitutes gross negligence. Workers who claim they got sick on the job and brought the coronavirus home and infected relatives can still sue an employer based on this criteria.

Insurance underwriters are also tightening qualification requirements for businesses seeking general liability insurance to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 claims being filed. Businesses that do not produce proof of compliance could face higher premiums in order to receive coverage.    

“Our human resources department loves that they can just push a button now to produce a comprehensive report to demonstrate the good faith effort we’ve made to protect our workers and clients,” added Sponsel.   

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