Often when we hear the words “wellness routine,” we instantly think of an unattainable workout routine, unnecessarily strict diets or eating habits, or even lavish yoga retreats. But in 2020, with many individuals working from home, the words “wellness routine” have taken a different, often more simple meaning. 

A wellness routine should be different and unique for every single person since everyone has different health needs. A wellness routine does not need to be overly complicated, nor should it stress you out. A wellness routine should be personalized to meet your own needs and should make you feel better, not worse. For example, I have found creating a simple wellness routine consisting of some simple wellness activities have greatly impacted me positively this year. Hopefully, some of these tips will be useful to you too!

1. Prepare a Perfect Cup of Coffee: If you are anything like me, my brain function cannot function without a cup of coffee. Too many times I have caught my brain simply not computing or asking dumb questions (yes, very dumb questions) because I had not had my morning coffee yet. Since my preference is an iced coffee, I have found that making my coffee the night before and leaving it in the fridge overnight has really helped my brain function. My coffee is perfect and ready to drink as soon as I get up, so I can be ready to be a productive member of my team.

2. Morning Meditation: Another great way to start your day is with a morning meditation. This can also be simple and customized to fit your needs. A morning meditation puts your mind at ease first thing in the morning and can help prepare you to tackle the day’s tasks. Meditations can be 10-minutes, 30-minutes, or any length. Meditations can be solo, guided, or taken with a class. Meditation can also include practicing gratitude, visualization, clearing negative energy, etc.

3. Step Away from the Screen: I have also found that when working from home it is easy to convince yourself to keep working because you are comfortable at home. However, it is important to still step away from your work and screen for a few minutes from time to time to allow yourself a mental break / break for your eyes. If you had been at work, you would have walked away to a meeting space or spoken with a coworker in person and those moments provided you with mental / eye breaks. Take a quick walk around the block, jam out to some music, or squeeze in that meditation. It is okay to take a few minutes to yourself!