During my time with netlogx, I had the opportunity to speak with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Audrey Taylor, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Vicki Chabot, and Chief Operations Officer (COO) Stephanie Sponsel.  These women not only work to make netlogx the best it can be, but they also work to empower the generation of women after them.

Audrey, Vicki, and Stephanie are the epitome of the “modern woman.”  They balance work, family, and personal passions all while staying true to who they are.  They work to uplift their coworkers, peers, and communities, and that is what makes them such phenomenal leaders.  These women have a genuine interest in seeing others succeed and be the best possible version of themselves.

Audrey started by sharing the story that led her to creating netlogx.  She also shared her advice of inserting oneself into projects you are interested in and the perks of being uncomfortable.  Audrey said, “you will only regret the things you never do.”  She spoke about always striving to learn and grow.  She said a real leader is one who always seeks out the person in the room who is smarter than them and not only listens but asks for constructive criticism.  The conversation with Audrey taught me that it is important to always be open to criticism.  None of us are perfect and the only way we can continue to grow is if we surround ourselves with those who care enough to help us get better.

Vicki shared her experiences working in different sectors in different countries.  She talked about her love of Spain and reading.  Her advice was to pick up the little tasks.  She said it is important to do everything and follow your passions because while it is good to know what you want, it is more important to know what you do not like.  From Vicki, I learned to take risks and follow your heart.

Stephanie also shared the journey that led her to netlogx and how she has managed starting a family while working.  She shared her advice on how to balance work and family life and reiterated the fact that it is important to be flexible and communicate.  She said that no task is too small because at the end of the day, the world is small, and you helping now could lead to a new opportunity in the future.  My biggest take away from Stephanie was that you should always do things you are passionate about.  Do not do things just to do things- focus on the things you truly care about and give it your all.

Overall, I learned that it is important to do what you are passionate about and encourage others to do the same.  Audrey, Vicki, and Stephanie empower others every day and that is what makes them such good leaders.  It is no surprise that netlogx is such an amazing place to work when it has these three women leading it to greatness.

This blog was written by 2021 Summer Intern Hali Lucas.