A business continuity plan (BCP) is vital for every organization no matter their size so the business can keep moving. BCP is the process an organization undergoes to create a prevention and recovery system from potential threats—like cyber-attacks. A complete BCP can provide the comfort and trust needed to protect employees, clients, and the company’s assets so they can continue to function in the event of a disaster.

The netlogx team has vast experience with organizational change management, which is the catalyst to develop and put in place your business continuity plan. Once your company is ready, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Here’s a breakdown of the creation stages:

Business Continuity Planning
  1. Business Impact Analysis: BIA works to establish what is and isn’t critical in your business’s processes and functions. At this time, we’ll assign recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives.
  2. Threat Risk Analysis: TRA is used to identify the various risks that could affect your business.
  3. Impact Scenarios: This involves examining the various effects of these risks. For example, we may ask how a risk that impacts a data center is different from a risk that impacts a corporate office?
  4. Recovery Requirement: We identify the need for recovery from each risk and keep accurate documentation.
  5. Solution Design: This stage takes place after each risk, impact, and recovery requirement is documented.
  6. Implementation: Your business continuity plan is ready! This can include a contract for a disaster recovery site as well as educational steps you and your staff can take to combat threats.
  7. Testing and Organizational Acceptance: Depending on the threats and their solution, testing methods may include table-top exercises or larger-scale simulations.
  8. Maintenance: At netlogx, we perform maintenance on the plan once it’s in place to make sure updates and training are implemented when necessary. 

Check out our business continuity plan worksheet to help you navigate change more effectively.  

At netlogx, we really take the time to get to know you and your business. We always begin with the end in mind because we believe you deserve a straightforward and proactive approach to information management. We don’t just look at where we can improve your processes; we also focus on the critical data that drives your business—allowing us to target the areas where your company can obtain the most value. Take the first step and request a consultation today!