Project management provides a structured pathway to assist organizations in implementing change and improvements in their organization. Project management plans a path for projects that align time, cost, and scope, and project managers and project coordinators help make delivering quality projects consistently a reality. 

A project manager (PM) provides overall direction and cadence between the key project stakeholders to ensure the project plan is executed. While a PM is responsible for the overall progress of the project, a project coordinator (PCr) ensures the day-to-day activities of the project are completed as planned.

What some people don’t realize is that a PM might not be able to make all of the meetings. That’s when PCrs step up and step in, unafraid to speak up, ask questions, and engage with others in meetings. netlogx has also had times when a PCr took on additional responsibilities and project managed parts of projects when clients did not have enough resources. 

An ideal PCr anticipates possible issues and activities necessary for team success. Because they are heavily involved in capturing critical project decisions, action items and meeting minutes, they can bring in a cross section view of the larger issues and risks of a project

Without a PCr, the pace of a project slows tremendously as project documentation quality diminishes due to the PM not having the support they need to manage all the detailed tasks. Key project information could be missed, and project activities begin slowing with missed deadlines. I’ve seen disputes over key project decisions resolved in a manner of minutes due to a PCr’s careful documentation.

The persistent, professional PCr holds project team members accountable for completing open action items but isn’t afraid to dive in when needed. For example, I worked on a project where a PCr took up the mantle to clean up a large deliverable to meet client standards. The high-quality document was delivered on-time thanks to the PCr’s efforts.

PCrs are an integral part of project management. They ensure that activities are running smoothly and help keep people accountable to the project plan. Learn more about netlogx’ project and program management services or request a consultation to see how we can help give you the power to manage your business, rather than your business managing you.

Learn what it looks like to be a project coordinator and how the role impacts a project by downloading our project coordinator guide