Each year at Thanksgiving our netlogx team members share something they are grateful for. What are you thankful for this year?

I’m grateful for being able to sit in silence and feel the wonder of living one breath at a time. – Nick Taylor

I am thankful for my health and strength as well as my friends and family who continue to support me in everything I do. – Abbey Szentes

This year, I am especially thankful for OPPORTUNITY. With all the things around the world happening, I think it is important for me to recognize and consciously acknowledge how lucky I am to have chances to do things. I was able to meet new people this year (both at home and at work), and relationships are everything. I was able to join a new extracurricular this year, and hobbies are important. I was able to learn new skills and take on challenges in my career, and growth is vital. I am thankful for opportunity.  – Alec Mitchell

I am thankful to have a loving family, healthy dogs, supportive friends and co-workers, to know a fulfilling community, and to work for an extraordinary company! Grateful for all netlogx does for us, and also for the local community in Indianapolis. – Lauryn Andrews

I am thankful for kind executives and team members: Working somewhere where everybody shows kindness and respect is quite a luxury. – Elizabeth Szentes

This year, I am thankful that I get to go to college in person with all of my friends. – Hali Lucas

I am thankful that my family and kids have been healthy, happy, and back in school. These past two (2) years have gone extremely fast and I think the universe placed people around me at certain times to help us all through ups and downs. Kids, family, and friends make us who we are and I am grateful that I have a good circle. One of them is my husband who is also my best friend. – Stephanie Sponsel

I’m grateful for the COVID vaccine that has allowed me to get together with friends and family that I was unable to see last year. – Diane Walton

This year, I am so very thankful for the improving health of my “wee bairn” Tuffy. He is my eldest rescue dog, and was diagnosed with diabetes in October. His prognosis was a bit bleak initially, but he’s a very stubborn eleven (11) year old pup and has made so much progress in the last few weeks! He has reminded me daily of the power of positivity, as he has never stopped wagging his tail. – Camille Stowell

I’m grateful for my employment at netlogx. Over the years I tried to find the right time to join the netlogx team. So happy things worked out this year! This move to netlogx was literally an answered prayer. I’m extremely grateful to be part of an awesome team. – Rafaela O’Reilly

This year has had many highs and lows. While there is so much to be thankful for, the ability to work full time from home with an amazing group of individuals is something I am so thankful. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work alongside, learn from such talented and intelligent individuals at netlogx and our clients. – Jennifer Porter

I am thankful for many things in 2021. Thankful for vaccines during a pandemic and thankful that kids are now finally eligible to receive the vaccine. I am thankful for family, friends and good health.  Thankful for employment and netlogx and work that is engaging. And last, thankful for laughter and joy and moments where both can be found. – Dawn Gelle

I am thankful for my family, especially our newest member – our 5-month-old daughter! – Sara Jones

I am thankful my niece was able to have her dream wedding this year! It was postponed last year because of COVID. Our family was able to reunite and enjoy this special occasion. – Wendy Maple

I’m thankful that the end of the COVID crisis is within sight and that one day soon the netlogx team will be able to meet in person. – Jim Dunn

I am thankful to have made it through another challenging year with the support of lovely friends, family and work colleagues.  – Vicki Chabot

I am grateful for the incredibly generous number of PTO hours that netlogx offers its team members.  While I do not always use all that is allotted, it is a tremendous benefit and one that offers peace of mind to know that it is available when I need it. – Nick Petrone

I am thankful for ‘togetherness’. Recent times have really helped sharpen my focus on being with family and friends. It isn’t about the food, decorations, planning and trimmings. It is all about sharing time together. Forever grateful for my clan. Cheers! – Kathy Rollins

I’m thankful that my wife, Alice, is still with me after having a head injury from being tossed from one of our horses during a ride. – Rick Wilminko

In my life I try to remain aware that I am fortunate and have much to be grateful for this but Thanksgiving in looking inward it came down to two things:

  • Family – as I write this, I am back from 49 wonderfully busy days spent in Warrington, England with my 89-year-old Dad, my 84-year-old Aunt and my sons – the initial hugs after 2 years are truly impossible to put into words but instantly filled my heart. My brother and my sister-in-law threw a small family gathering so I then was able to see all my immediate family and I am so grateful for this. This family time meant Nick and I were apart for the first time since February 29, 2020 and in that time I was reminded how much I love and appreciate him and the family life we have created together.
  • Our netlogx team – firstly, thank you to my project team who willingly stepped up to cover my trip, including the extension of an additional 15 days, and then the netlogx management team who worked to minimize interruptions to my time with family. 

Since arriving in the States in November 1991 I have loved the opportunity Thanksgiving offers to look back at the year and acknowledge my blessings and this year is no exception. – Audrey Taylor