As part of netlogx’ wellness initiatives this year, employees were asked to write a blog on “positivity”. The assignment was designed to be a constructive exercise, not only for the author, but for their fellow team members to read.

While this blog should be an easy task to write, I found it to be a bit of challenge, especially based on all the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of my family and friends, who know me best, would say that I am a naturally positive person. However, the numerous impacts of the pandemic this past year and half has created anything but normal times. These events have definitely dimmed my usual “sunny-side” outlook, but I refuse to go completely to the dark side.

So how do you find the joy in life again? First, I admit that I am not any expert by any means. But the lessons I have learned in dealing with other seriously challenging events in my life is to rely on my faith, family, and friends to continue to strive to be happy. Life is too short to not be!

After reading and seeking advice from others who are also experiencing the same COVID – related “fatigue”, I have narrowed down their secrets to help me regain my sense of happiness. Here are my top three suggestions:

  1. Continue to practice gratitude for life’s blessings
  2. Surround yourself with loved ones and positive people
  3. Spend time in nature

You can’t control what life throws at you, as much as you try to. What you can control is how you deal with any negative aspects. Be sure to celebrate the wins! Try to stay positive, as it could always be worse.