Incredibly generous…that is how I would describe the netlogx Paid Time Off (PTO) benefits that team members receive.  Having experienced working in both small and large companies, as well as government organizations, I can share without hesitation the immense generosity that is offered to us at netlogx.   While I am not the best example of how to make the most of all the PTO that is provided, I am sincerely grateful for it.

The netlogx 2021 initiative of POSITIVITY for me was reflected in using PTO to spend time with my family and experiencing some great activities and events. The largest consumption of PTO came in July, when my wife and two of my three kids headed to Southern Utah. The sites were absolutely amazing.

My wife is a fabulous planner.  While she is not a trained PMP Project Manager, she executes like she is.  Our trips are masterfully laid out with great accommodations, which this year was at the Zion Ponderosa Ranch and Resort, located near Zion National Park.  We made multiple trips to that park with hours of hiking and gazing upon God’s creation.  INCREDIBLE!  We also took a one-day trip Bryce Canyon National Park.  While we were only there for one day, I think it may have slightly edged out Zion for me regarding awesomeness of the site. 

The Petrone family spends a good deal of time (and money) attending music events. Since many concerts fall on a school night, I like to use my PTO to take some time off the day after to rest my old body. Despite the continuing challenges with the pandemic, there was a nice comeback from 2020 in terms of getting to experience live music.  While we did not end up going to any of the large festivals, we did have a grand time at the multiday festivities in Fountain Square at Hi-Fi and the Hi-Fi Annex.  My oldest daughter is quite the aficionado on local bands, as well as lesser-known national bands that fit the Petrone definition of “good music.”  So, when she expressed her enthusiastic support for The Nude Party, I was glad to participate (despite the “interesting” name choice.)  By the way, if you decide you want to use your favorite search engine to learn about the band, you will want to be careful with the results.  😊

As many of my friends are acutely aware, I am a Dead Head.  However, since the death of Jerry Garcia and the lack of Phil Lesh joining Dead & Company, I had taken the stance that…no Jerry, no Phil, no Petrone.  However, my normally stringent adherence to such stances was turned to dust when my oldest daughter suggested we go.  Hanging out with her and listening to Dead tunes was just too good to miss.  Such a joy for me!

Family, traveling to beautiful sites, concert-going, these bring POSITIVITY to my life.  I am grateful for netlogx challenging us in this way to improve our overall wellness.  Brilliant!