Wellness programs are a great opportunity to engage employees in health and wellness. netlogx has a great take on wellness initiatives with the Monthly Team Step Challenge which encourages team members to walk as many steps in a day as they possibly can! 

The end goal is to have the most steps so you can out-walk the other teams. The prize is an additional five dollars added to your individual Wellness Reimbursement Dollars. netlogx provides a great incentive to participate by awarding us with Wellness Reimbursement Dollars. Wellness Reimbursement Dollars can be used for a variety of items like sports equipment or other wellness-related items, like massages or an upgraded desk chair. 

The Monthly Team Step Challenge promotes health, wellness, and team building. I have met other netlogx employees that I do not work with on a daily basis through the Monthly Team Step Challenge. The teams change each month and encourage team bonding with new members. 

In my first month participating in the challenge, a team member reached out with encouraging words to help motivate our team. We won—and I believe her super encouragement throughout the month motivated us to keep walking to win.

I track my steps using an Apple Watch that netlogx provided to me as part of their Wellness Program. During the warm months in West Virginia, I walk with my dogs in the mornings and evenings at their favorite park. 

I find getting my steps in to be mentally rewarding as well. My walks allow me to spend time with my dogs and sometimes my friends join along. The Monthly Team Step Challenge has really promoted wellness in not only my life but my friends’ and dogs’ lives as well. 

I set a goal for myself during the summer to walk/jog ten miles a day. I used to be a competitive distance runner and a few injuries later have prevented me from continuing long-distance runs. I did accomplish ten miles a day during the summer, and I am very grateful for the Step Challenge for encouraging me to meet my goal. I am grateful for netlogx encouraging wellness and team building through the Step Challenges.