At 14,000 feet, there is only one feeling that comes to mind besides “wow” – and that’s gratitude. My gratitude when reaching the top of a mountain in Colorado rises from many factors. Gratefulness for my physical and mental health to bring me up and down, gratefulness for the opportunity to summit mountains, and gratefulness of the support my family and netlogx show me while I disconnect for weeks at a time.

man and woman hugging

Back in 2015, I was introduced to Summer Field Studies (SFS). During my first trip as a high school junior, I recognized how much I took for granted at home. While sleeping in a poorly set-up tent on a yoga mat, I realized my gratefulness of my home and bed. I felt gratefulness for my shower (and water pressure) when only showering twice in a community recreation center. Finally, I was grateful for my family after missing them for two weeks straight. 

Now going every year after 2015, I have come to appreciate the humbling experience I gain from Summer Field Studies. SFS has provided my yearly check in with myself to see how I can continue to be grateful for the everyday things in my life. Over the years, the trip has also taught me how to be grateful for my health the most. 

Over the seven times I have been on the trip, I have experienced the old man’s tale of body pains. While I am still relatively young (even though the high schoolers do not see it that way), I have already witnessed what happens when I do not show my gratitude of having an able body. Luckily, watching the “experienced” Colorado residents bag the same mountains as myself, I know all hope is not lost. To summit these mountains, I must take care of the body that gets me there. After watching family members and close loved one’s struggle with health issues and cancer, I see the importance more than ever.


What is great is that I am not the only one stressing the importance of health. My family and netlogx support these efforts, no matter how it looks. netlogx, specifically, offers up to $150 of Wellness Reimbursement Dollars, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and a financial wellness tool. netlogx has proven that FULL health is a number one priority, not just physical. 

For that, I am grateful.