Cybercrime is on the rise, and business owners are more vigilant than ever for signs of fraud. With International Fraud Awareness Week (November 13-19) upon us again, there’s no better time to brush up on email scams, phishing, and cybersecurity training strategies. The team at netlogx has all the security management know-how you need to keep your data away from cybercriminals. Read up on our quick guide to avoiding online fraud schemes. 

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is among the most common types of cybercrime. Also known as email scams, phishing involves fraudulent emails that may appear to come from a reputable source. However, these messages often include links, downloads, or other strategies to trick the recipient into handing over vital data like credit card numbers and passwords. 

What Can (and Can’t) Be Sent Over Email

One way to keep your data out of hackers’ hands is to be cautious of what you send over email. Encryption does an excellent job of keeping most emails safe; however, they require both the sender and receiver to have it set up. And while lots of things are safe to send (think meeting minutes, everyday communication, etc.), there’s plenty you should avoid when crafting an email message. Never hit send on a message that contains any of the following details: 

  • Passwords and login information
  • Credit card numbers 
  • Social Security numbers
  • Driver’s license, ID, and passport information
  • Confidential health information 
  • Bank account details 
  • Confidential documents

How You Can Promote Cyber Fraud Awareness

Good cybersecurity management includes promoting fraud awareness at every turn. Fortunately, business owners can implement many simple strategies for encouraging security at the workplace. First, we recommend vulnerability scanning to pinpoint any weak areas in your defenses and make the appropriate adjustments. Other ways to keep your teams aware of cyber fraud include regular training, insistence on strong passwords, and creating a security-first culture. 

Take Advantage of Cybersecurity Training 

Cybersecurity training is a crucial tool for keeping your employees, customers, and vendors safe from cyberattacks. netlogx offers top-of-the-line training resources for each of our clients that will walk you through every aspect of promoting a secure system. You’ll learn how to avoid data breaches, cultivate a security-first mindset, and maintain overall airtight security. While nothing can guarantee to minimize cyberattacks, with the proper training, you can prevent major fallout. 

Explore netlogx’ Cybersecurity Resources 

Beyond training, netlogx can connect you and your business with a slew of cybersecurity resources. We understand that every organization is different and needs its own set of techniques to be successful in a world full of cybercrime. Our consultants offer something for everyone, from complimentary assessments to free tips for protecting your information. Stay on top of security management with netlogx.