Jumpstarting a new project is rarely easy, especially if you don’t have much experience with project management. Luckily, professional project coordinators are here to make your life easier. The coordinators at netlogx serve to streamline your business operations and ensure you’re on the right track to continued success. But what’s the key to exceptional project management? The netlogx team is glad to give you the inside scoop about how to succeed at project and program management. 

What Are Project Coordinators? 

Project coordinators (PCrs) have a wide variety of skills and experience that make them integral to any project management process. They’re detailed to the nth degree and have the ability to listen to a wide range of speakers, presenters, and meeting attendees, make sense of the ideas they are sharing and capture their comments in a set of succinct, coherent notes. In short, PCrs align projects with a business’s specific goals, keep track of projects, and ensure stakeholders are happy with the result. Many companies have PCrs on their internal teams, but other organizations have had great success with outsourcing project management

The Key to Good Project Coordination? Notes! 

The PCr meeting notes are a netlogx “secret sauce” and a key ingredient in making a strong project management team. While this task seems mundane, it can have a tremendous influence on a project. Teams can refer back to meeting notes to highlight a decision, review next steps, or simply get some clarification. The ability to refer back to past discussions and thoughts can’t be overstated, and they go a long way to keeping a project on track. 

Excellent communication is another key part of project coordination. PCrs take care of coordinating and communicating meetings. They even anticipate what a client may say or how details from one meeting may impact another project item. A PCr can communicate with stakeholders and client representatives at all levels within the organization and be firm when client requests are numerous and onerous.

Perhaps the most important thing PCrs bring to the table is sheer persistence. The coordinators at netlogx are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Even when things get tough, we’re here to guide you through the rough patches. PCrs can ensure your team members persist and remain accountable to the proper stakeholders during every stage of the process.

Avoid the Worst Case Scenario

Wondering what could happen if a project doesn’t have a coordinator? The answer is chaos—total and complete chaos. Performance management can decrease. Say goodbye to consistent processes, logs, action items, meeting notes, and meeting agendas. Instead, everyone would be on their own—following their own processes and likely making things up as they go along. Get used to unorganized meetings where people feel left out, notes are never taken, and action items aren’t tracked. In essence, without PCrs, projects would quickly spin out of control, rarely making any progress.

That’s why netlogx recommends employing PCrs on every project. They bring so much to the table and ensure the day-to-day activities are completed as planned. With years of experience in business management consulting, project coordination, and performance management, our team is uniquely positioned to help your organization succeed. 

Learn more about netlogx’ project and program management services or request a consultation to see how we can help give you the power to manage your business, rather than your business managing you.

Learn what it looks like to be a project coordinator and how the role impacts a project by downloading our project coordinator guide