About Dawn Gelle

Dawn is a principal consultant with over 25 years of experience in project management and operations for government consulting contracts.

How To Define Metrics for Your Project’s Performance Management Like a Pro!

By |2022-02-16T15:44:32-05:00February 1st, 2022|

Say you’ve just joined a project, and in your first week, your client contract manager comes to you and says, “IV&V has opened a new observation risk saying that we don’t have any metrics or reporting that our project is adhering to—quick! Define our metrics and produce a report so we can dispute this [...]

Bonus Positivity

By |2021-12-15T12:59:57-05:00December 16th, 2021|

Inspired by the generosity of Audrey & Nick Taylor and the positivity bonus offered to netlogx employees in 2021, I decided to use that bonus money to treat my friends, Robin and Mary Catherine, my spouse Amy and niece Julia to a four-day trip over Memorial Day weekend to see a few sights from [...]

Project Coordinators are the Secret Ingredient to Project Success

By |2021-10-27T15:22:06-04:00November 23rd, 2021|

Project coordinators (PCrs) have a wide variety of skills and experience that make them integral to any project management process. PCrs are detailed to the nth degree. They have the ability to listen to a wide range of speakers, presenters, and meeting attendees, make sense of the ideas they are sharing and capture their [...]

Working from Home During Civil Unrest

By |2021-11-08T15:39:25-05:00November 23rd, 2020|

Protecting your business or protecting your home?  In many cases, work and home are now synonymous during the COVID-19 pandemic when so many organizations’ workers are working from home across America.  Add in the additional pandemic of systemic racism and police brutality, protest marches against this pandemic, and the unfortunate rioting, looting, and property [...]

Interview with Dawn Gelle, netlogx Principal Consultant

By |2022-09-11T16:27:00-04:00August 21st, 2020|

What brings you joy? Spending quality time with friends and family brings me joy. Professionally, being able to work on a project that’s meaningful work and feel a sense of accomplishment brings me joy. Watching people I’ve worked with and mentor succeed also brings me joy. What are you most afraid of? I am most [...]

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