Winter is upon us. As the weather changes and schedules get busier, I find myself challenged to stay consistent in my health and wellness routines. When my routine gets thrown off, it can take me longer to get back into the swing of things. After some trial and error, I have found a few ways to get myself back into my routine quicker when it wavers.

A super simple, yet effective way to stay active when I’m lacking motivation is to set a goal of being active for just five (5) minutes that day. It seems much more manageable to commit to five (5) minutes, but I always end up extending those five (5) minutes and ultimately feel better afterward.

Another way I stay committed to being active is to block out time throughout my weekly schedule when I know I will have the time and energy. As a morning person, I find myself losing motivation to be active later in the day, so I’ll block out time in my mornings to work out. Blocking out time to exercise a day in advance helps me mentally prepare for it. It is crucial to carve out the time beforehand, so I do not let the day slip away without finding time for self-care. Knocking it out in the morning allows me to enter a more profound focus for the remainder of my day. Plus, it makes me feel accomplished and pushes me to keep going!

making a schedule

Creating time for myself to move my body (especially as seasons change) has improved not only my physical well-being but my mental health as well. Penciling in time dedicated to my health and wellness allows me to create a designated thirty (30) minutes to one (1) hour a day to care for myself. You can incorporate other things into this routine, like practicing meditation or gratitude. Some days, I am mindful that my body is tired. So, I give myself grace by utilizing that time to meditate or stretch instead. These practices still maintain my wellness goals and offer a balance within my routine, making it feel more practical and manageable.

These are just a few habits that I have incorporated into my health and wellness journey and would recommend them to anyone else. As we ease into 2023, I encourage you to audit your weekly schedule, block out some time to be active, and make it a habit of it!