Inspiration is defined as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” However, a secondary definition is of “the drawing in of breath; inhalation.” It is then remarkable that as I live and breathe, I am inspired by not only one, but three incredible women who I am so fortunate to have formed friendships with—which have flourished and grown with the passage of time. Every single day, as surely as I myself breathe and “inspire,” these women teach me in quiet and small ways how to be a better person and inspire me toward my own personal growth. Each of these remarkable souls brings something different to my life, something vital, something greater than they could perceive. 

Emily is an active mother of not one, but two miracle babies. She is a valued lecturer for our alma mater, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to watch her grow in both the roles of “mom” and “teacher.” Every day, Emily reminds me to be positive, to nurture and nourish my body, and to be grateful for the little things. It is through her boundless cheer that I am inspired to eat healthily, to move my body on days when it is difficult, and to give myself grace in moments of tribulation. 

Jennifer is a treasured and gentle mother to two little ones. She is a successful environmental engineer and excels at her work—no one else has as much knowledge or dedication in her field. Every day, Jennifer teaches me patience and inspires me to be a kinder human to everyone I encounter. It is through her gracious and kind heart that I am inspired to think twice before reacting and to be a more thoughtful, patient person. 

Blanca is a dynamic, vibrant mother to her equally sparkling young son. She is a retired professional who has shown me that you really can have it all. Every day, Blanca teaches me to embrace myself as I am and to act boldly and without fear. She encourages all of my dreams in the most empathetic way possible. It is through her persistence and zest for life that I am inspired to be brave, to stand up for myself, and to keep dreaming despite fear.

Inspiration can be difficult to identify and grasp, but with friends like these at my side, there is no shortage of motivation (and encouragement!) to grow into the best person I can be. Having friends like these truly makes life worth living. I am thankful for every day that I get to watch them spread their wings and soar, and in turn, become inspired to do the same for myself.