COVID-19 Safety Regulations
Liability Report

Is Your Business Prepared to Defend Against COVID-19 Lawsuits and Prove Workplace Safety Compliance?

Lawsuits are costly. Places with COVID-19 outbreaks are now facing an emerging legal threat by claims that workers got sick on the job and brought coronavirus home and infected relatives. Current business liability protection laws do not provide blanket immunity from being sued.

During this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, establishing confidence as a safe workplace is paramount for businesses and organizations with employees, customers, clients, and members.  How do you demonstrate that you followed federal, state, and local COVID-19 Workplace Safety guidelines?

Since these types of COVID-19 lawsuit outcomes are untested, some litigators say the best protection for business owners is adopting and documenting the measures you took to help protect workers.* Plus, many business insurance providers are now requiring documentation on how businesses are tracking COVID-19. Are you prepared to provide this information?

netlogx’ Information Risk Management experts have developed a special coronavirus-specific reporting offering that captures, documents, and demonstrates that your business adhered to the required regulations and mandates.

If Its Not Written Down

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Proof of Compliance

Our COVID-19 Safety Regulations Liability report provides evidence of dates when regulations were implemented by your business. It also allows the attachment of supporting documentation, such as photos of your new workplace layout or safety protocol signage. This report will be regularly updated as well to reflect any new changes in the status of coronavirus mandates and what your business did to comply with them.

Sample Report & Fact Sheet

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Sample Report

Take a look at what your report may look like. Help protect your business with having an abundance of COVID information at your fingertips.

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Is your business prepared if you get sued?

Learn more details about netlogx’ COVID-19 Safety Regulations Liability Report by downloading our Fact Sheet.

*Use of this COVID-19 Safety Regulations Liability Report does not eliminate your potential liability, does not mean that you cannot be sued, does not mean that you will not get sued and does not guarantee that you will prevail if you are sued.  The purpose of this report is to put you in the best position possible to vigorously defend and to prevail in COVID-19 based claims brought against you.

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