At netlogx we believe in challenging the status quo by carefully and deliberately assessing the risks inherent in complex enterprise information problems. If you want to help clients faced with complex information challenges, then we want to inspire you to go further.


Ideal candidate would be a full-time netlogx team member who is results-oriented, highly motivated, analytically-minded college/university graduate willing to become part of a fast growing and exciting business.

Key skills include:

  • Excellent communication
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to travel
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills


  • Gain skills and experience you can use throughout your professional career
  • Rotate through different projects and roles to discover your interests and learn about the various positions within netlogx
  • Participate in a structured training program
  • Take advantage of the Fast Track-specific Sponsor Program designed to provide individual guidance, support and encouragement to help you succeed
  • Manage project responsibilities and take the lead on key endeavors
  • Work on a variety of projects in different stages of their project life cycles


  • Gain experience over the course of an 18 months to 3 years program depending on your skills and prior experience after completing an introductory period as a netlogx team member


  • Work at our corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana or one of our client sites around the country


  • Our talented and highly experienced netlogx team members create an exceptional and professional working environment allowing you to learn first-hand from their expertise
  • Participate in structured assessment and evaluation throughout the program
  • Eligible for performance related incentives throughout the program
  • Learn about netlogx methodologies in project management and the core focus on risk management

If you are interested in any of our open positions, or in learning more about our career opportunities, please share your details with us at [email protected]

Fast Track Program Testimonials

As a non-recent graduate the netlogx Fast Track Program is the perfect platform for me to drive my professional development in both an expedited and well-structured manner. The program’s recognition of prior experience and its flexibility to adapt and grow with the talented pool of associates is unique.

For me one of the key benefits to this dynamic program is that it is continuously evolving and flourishing with our input as Associates. It is an extremely exciting position to be in, feeling as though I am truly contributing to shaping and personalizing my career path in a way that compliments my needs and longer term professional development.

– Vicki Chabot

The netlogx Fast Track Program is an amazing opportunity to begin my professional development combining the opportunity to work alongside some of the most experienced and talented individuals in the industry with a personalized training and mentoring program. The structured and comprehensive training program gives me the chance to get a head start on my career and the ongoing assessments and evaluations allow me to collect regular feedback in order to analyze and develop my unique skill set. I know that after I complete the netlogx Fast Track Program, I will be equipped with the skills and experience I need to make an impact in this fast-growing and exciting business, challenging myself and the clients I work with.

– Sara Jones