The economic impact of the COVID-19 virus shutdowns to businesses has been staggering but now is the time to begin working toward the new normal. You have been working hard to keep whatever you can running so you can prevent any negative impacts with your customers and suppliers. With the complete lockdown of some sectors and the changing business processes being required in others, it is now time to take stock in what you have and how it will be changed once this crisis starts to abate.

netlogx has created a proprietary Restart Your Business Worksheet to help you get started. In this Worksheet, you will be able to document and review:

  1. Business Evaluation Elements
  2. Fishbone Diagram
    1. Information added to the Business Evaluation Elements tab are automatically transferred to the Fishbone Diagram to highlight the cause and effect of each service function.
  3. Critical Employee Assessment
  4. Essential Services-Functions
  5. Critical Customers
  6. Critical Suppliers

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