It is with great humility that I share that netlogx was recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in Indianapolis. The ranking was based on the percentage of revenue growth from fiscal years 2009 to 2011. As a small business we sought this opportunity as it provides an external review of the company and is an opportunity for evaluation of our effectiveness in delivering services to our partners and clients.

It is also a huge motivator internally and based on the email traffic following the announcement it has renewed our team’s pride in being a part of the business. For all our success we draw upon the skills and goodwill of our team and this award is an additional source of encouragement and validation of the effectiveness of their contribution.

The win coincides with our own steps to develop internal recognitions, large and small, for endeavors and initiatives that exceed or challenge our internal processes. While at this stage we are in the infancy of creating our own awards process this outside award spurs us on.

The selection process included an interview and that too brought about valuable dialog concerning who and what we are as a company. In being asked to explain our recent successes I shared two points:
• Using our integrity as a key driver to retaining and building upon our business base
• Investing in our team, particularly, adding senior talented resources and empowering them to challenge our clients which in turn generates further opportunity

These were both hard concepts to effectively communicate especially via the phone interview. The great news was that I shared this feedback with our team and our Board and we worked through the concept of refining our elevator speech to better describe these strategies.

After review, I am more certain than ever that a key differentiator here at netlogx is that by using our integrity both as a company and through the consultants we have on our team, we bring value to our clients that we can turn into additional business and solid referrals.

Secondly, as a small company grows each new team member joining is a significant step. Ensuring that the quality and vision of the company continue to be delivered to clients is vital to our ongoing success. By hiring top-quality resources netlogx is making sure that we challenge not only our clients but ourselves to strive for continuous improvement – we are reinvesting in ourselves as we grow.

I have already received comments and made some new connections in our community following the article’s publication and I look forward to seeing where the public face of this announcement takes us.


A book I’m reading for pleasure: Nemesis (Harry Hole) by Jo Nesbo

A book I’m reading for business: The Value Factor: How Global Leaders Use Information for Growth and Competitive Advantage
by Mark Hurd and Lars Nyberg

What I’m listening to on my iPod: Ed Sheeran’s debut album called Ed Sheeran

“Gee, this isn’t like I imagined it would be in the bathtub.” Dianne Wiest for her Academy Award for
Best Supporting Actress for Hannah and Her Sisters