Every once in a while I get a unique change to revisit my former days of Social Work.  It is especially interesting to attend events that deal with the world of impoverished youth, broken families, and government assistance.  In my role on the State of Indiana – Core MMIS project I get to serve the same population I was serving as a social worker from a more behind the scenes perspective.  One such opportunity came on December 3rd, 2014 in the form of the Annual Reach for Youth Breakfast.

Reach for Youth is an organization that provides counseling for: alcohol and drug addiction, depression, anger management, and sexual violence.  They also have a nationally recognized Teen Court program that allows offenders to be judged by peers instead of by a court of law.  Once a year Reach for Youth puts on a breakfast to recognize their program stars.  The youth tell their stories during an emotional breakfast event.  It was incredible to hear the clarity and awareness these teenagers had about what they had done, and how it had changed them.

Please visit their website here: http://www.reachforyouth.org/  to learn more about what they are doing.