I’ve written before about the journey that owning a business is and I can certainly share that no two days are alike. As a consulting services organization we are aware that it is the time and talent of our consultants that we are presenting to the marketplace and our clients.

How we share our story and present our message is important and awards are an excellent vehicle to get the story out to a new and wider audience. The success we have achieved at netlogx was put into further perspective from this article from Forbes:

Women business owners discuss “imposter syndrome” and sexism
Jean Tang talks to several women entrepreneurs to discuss why only 3% of women-owned businesses earn $1 million or more in annual revenue. She finds that women struggle with sexism, but also with “imposter syndrome,” in which they tend to rate themselves lower and are less likely to overpromise or oversell than men. Forbes

Being in the top 3% isn’t too bad is it? Again it’s the time and talent of the netlogx team that have allowed us to push onwards and continue our growth.

February was a very busy month.  netlogx achieved several awards so I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge these successes.

Starting at the beginning awards are an opportunity to get the netlogx story out to a wider audience and provide validation that we are consistently doing and saying the right things. Being “recognized each year” is a goal for the company. Stacy Shew and Diane Walton work very diligently to seek out opportunities for us to share our story. So before saying anything we all owe both these dedicated hard working women our appreciation.

The Indiana INTERNnet Impact award winner in the “for profit” category was a huge honor as we were among great companies with extensive intern programs. However, as they announced our win they shared the details of the program Vicki Chabot and Diane Walton have built with input from our very first intern, Sara Jones and I could see why we won. The comments provided by the 2015 interns are I’m certain what closed the deal in favor of netlogx.

I have just returned from Florida, where I was recognized as a 2016 Enterprising Women of the Year Award winner for Enterprising Women Magazine. I am humbled by this award but if you read the criteria required to win:

“nominees must demonstrate that they have fast-growth businesses, mentor or actively support other women and girls involved in entrepreneurship, and stand out as leaders in their communities. Many of the honorees also serve as leaders of the key organizations that support the growth of women’s entrepreneurship.”

I am again winning an award that recognizes the talents and abilities of the entire netlogx team and our focus on being Diverse By Design so I am delighted to be accepting this on behalf of each of you.

Finally, and most meaningfully we have again been selected as one of The Best Places to Work in Indiana – in May we will find out an actual ranking but as they say at all award shows – and I do mean this – it is truly an honor to be nominated! As background, we first won this is 2014 and we were disappointed not to win last year. What we learned was that the selection is very competitive.  In 2015 we scored better in all areas than we did in 2014, however, we had a lower participation rate and other companies scored higher than we did. Hence, our excitement about again being selected in 2016 especially as we are now a bigger organization. So thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to respond. We are provided all of the anonymous feedback and this data drives many of the changes and ideas we will implement in the coming year.

With such a strong foundation I challenge us all to look to see what else we can achieve this year to set us up for successes into 2017!