The holiday season is upon us all and life gets very busy. Planning, preparing and striving to make all the commitments you have can create stress which is surely never the intention. As I look towards the holidays I still have milestones in mind – 2017 has been a reflection point for me.  And I may even have done a little growing up!

I had an amazing year and was blessed to celebrate, with the people I love:

  • My Aunt turning 80 – in Spain
  • My Dad turning 85 – in the local pub in Warrington
  • Our 20th wedding anniversary – in Vegas with Elvis
  • Thanksgiving with my sons, their friends and our family – in England

As the holidays drew closer I realized the boys are turning 18 and 21.  And the automatic assumption of holidays with Mum will be ending, hopefully much later, but it will come!

So, I cancelled my annual Boxing Day party and instead I’m focusing on hanging out with the boys and Nick.  Silly gifts, home cooked food, favorite restaurants and lots of irreverent British comedy. No dressing up, no prepping for parties – just time together. Interestingly I made the decision alone – I plan the party alone – so it seemed appropriate and the responses were true to form:

Nick: “Scott asked if we’re ok as you’ve apparently cancelled Boxing Day? This from the man who usually says he’s not coming to the party at his own house anyway!”

Tom: “Mum I got a suspect email about Boxing Day from you, has your account been hacked? He’s been well trained in cyber security from birth.”

Harry: Overhearing the response to the above; “Oh have you cancelled it?” The post tech-boy – “email is for old people communication!”

So, as you step into the holiday season enjoy the time you have with the people who matter and consider removing one item from that long “to do” list that causes stress for you.  Go on, treat yourself, you’re worth it and your loved ones will thank you! Here’s to a relaxing and memory making holiday season.