In August, the netlogx team attended MESC 2018, a conference bringing together both public and private sectors individuals to share ideas and information related to Medicaid systems and initiatives.

After every conference, we debrief as a team to talk about lessons learned and our feedback. Here are five reasons why we enjoyed MESC 2018 and why we’ll go again next year.AT MESC1

  1. Reconnecting with old friends

One of the benefits of attending conferences is getting out of the office, having some time to network, and spending time with people. While we were in Portland, we had the opportunity to reconnect with our friends at the State of Indiana, Shane Hatchett and Jared Linder, in more informal settings. It was great to learn more about their upcoming projects and how they are tackling issues discussed at the conference. It’s funny how we rarely find the opportunity to do so in the same city!

  1. Meeting clients we haven’t met in person

We have clients across the United States, and we’ve been successful in collaborating and serving our clients both in person and virtually. However, it’s always nice to meet in person, and these conferences offer the opportunity to meet clients we haven’t met in person with for a while. It was also great to introduce other netlogx team members to our clients and share the work they’ve been doing.

  1. Learning something new

MESC 2018 offered a wealth of educational programming surrounding Medicaid systems and initiatives. Our team was able to attend sessions on a variety of topics, including Certification, Third Party Liability (TPL), MITA and to hear best practices from other States. Every year, we learn something new when we come to this conference, and this year was no different.AT mesc 2

  1. Team building

We brought five team members to this conference, some who have worked together before and some who have not. This provided us with the opportunity for some team building within the #netlogxteam. As the CEO, it always brings me joy when our team can bond and work together, after all team work is a netlogx Operating Principle.

at mesc 3

  1. Sharing the netlogx story with new contacts

As with any conference, the goal is always to connect with people we haven’t connected with before. In addition to attending the educational sessions and programming, I was able to moderate a session on Medicaid Third Party Liability and our team had a booth in the exhibit hall. Both led to great opportunities to share the netlogx story with new contacts and learn what challenges they are facing in the ever-changing work of Medicaid. Thanks to everyone who came to my session and our booth to learn more about what we do and how we help organizations navigate change.

Our passion is helping large organizations navigate complex, enterprise problems, and this conference is the perfect place for us to share best practices, have meaningful discussions, and meet individuals and organizations who might be experiencing these problems. We look forward to attending again next year.