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Why is Wellness in the workplace important?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

  • 59% of employees do not get adequate exercise
  • 50% or more have high cholesterol
  • 27% have cardiovascular disease
  • 26% are overweight by 20% or more
  • 24% have high blood pressure

Since 2013 netlogx has provided a comprehensive Wellness Program for netlogx team members. The Wellness Program strives to achieve goals such as; programs for weight loss, smoking cessation, fitness incentives, stress management, and increased employee utilization of preventative services. The Wellness Committee meets on a monthly basis finding ways to creatively increase awareness  of wellness within the organization.


Using netlogx Fitbits, team members are invited to sign up for friendly competitions thus helping increase daily activity. Some of the activities are simple, and include: walking meetings, taking the stairs not the elevator, parking in locations further from the building, and for traveling consultants, meeting to walk before or after work.

Walking Lunches

Team members are invited to attend monthly walking lunches lead by one of our Project Managers. The walking lunch allows team members to relax, clear their minds, and engage in some physical activity in the fresh air.

Master Gardener

Jennifer Norris, Master Gardener, has presented to team members sharing various gardening tips to help promote healthy living and eating.

Mini Marathon

Team members, lead by the Wellness Committee members, compete in local events such as the Indy 500 Mini Marathon, providing wellness and a great team building activity.