The netlogx Intern Development Program is in the final stages of its development. I can see that it is improving every day, and it was a helpful experience to go through this program myself. While already strong, this program will continue to improve with each person that passes through it. From the people, the structure, and the expectations of each team member, it is not hard to see why netlogx is a successful company. It is an encouraging place to work and I enjoyed coming in to work every day.

During my time at netlogx, I was given a wide variety of tasks, ranging from watching the front desk, to helping design, print, and assemble a large contract proposal. Throughout my time at netlogx, I was in charge of the maintenance and development of two tools for the company. I helped develop a tool to assess the skill sets of current and potential employees, and also helped improve the time keeping system for employees’ hours. I also developed a system to collect and summarize the data from both of these tools. Among some of the other tasks I was involved in were assisting with researching various office improvement ideas, coordinating with vendors when installing new systems, working as part of a team on initiatives to improve and define business processes for current and future use, and provide feedback on various improvement transitions for netlogx. I particularly enjoyed developing, managing, and updating the tools used for time and skill assessments, as I learned a vast amount about how programs such as Word and Excel work behind the scenes. At times, the task load did seem to become somewhat large, but with some helpful tips from my supervisors, I improved my task management skills and was able to tackle all of the difficult problems.

Overall, my internship at netlogx was more than I could have ever hoped for. I gained valuable experience which I can use later in my career, I came away with tangible accomplishments, and I learned some of how the business world functions. All of these things make interning at netlogx a wonderful opportunity I am glad I took. It was everything I thought it would be and more.

QUOTE: The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed – Richard Brinsley Sheridan