Not knowing the exact expectation netlogx had in place, I wanted to prove to the company and team that they had hired the right candidate for their Internship Development Program. From the beginning, my goal was to form a strong foundation at netlogx, by gaining professional skills and connections, submerging myself in the company’s culture, while applying relevant classroom knowledge to help complete any project or task assigned to me.

alex green

My first day as an intern was a bit overwhelming and kind of a blur: participating in the onboarding process, learning all the policies and procedures, walking to lunch with team members (because we implemented a wellness program), and meeting members of the team. However, one snippet from that day is still crystal clear. During the onboarding process with Stephanie, she said, “the ‘I’ in netlogx is not missing; it stands for the integrity, which is displayed daily in all of our members.” At that moment, I knew the high expectations netlogx expected from me.

My experience at netlogx was very different from the experiences most of my friends received at their internships. Since I was given legitimate projects to work on, I quickly began to feel like I was a part of the netlogx team. Within the first week of my internship, I was assigned a wide range of mini projects assisting in administrative to operational tasks. Given real responsibility attached with real deadlines to meet has allowed me to improve upon time management and organizational skills.

Throughout the summer, one of my progressive projects was working closely with the Operations Team to develop policies and procedures for netlogx. With little knowledge of what exactly Business Process Review (BPR) is, I quickly adapted and took part in biweekly meetings to eventually gain insight in regards to Payroll, Human Resources, and Asset Management processes. During this assignment, I found myself improving upon my professional skills such as communication, decision-making, setting and defining goals, leadership, and most importantly working effectively with a group. While at the same time improving upon my technical skills, I created standard templates and work instructions using Microsoft Word and became proficient in Microsoft Visio by constructing work flow processes. Working closely with the Operations Team, I learned that it takes a lot of time, dedication and effort behind the scenes to run an organization better, faster, and cheaper.

The internship with netlogx has not only provided me with professional growth, but individual growth as well. I have gained hands-on experience to build on to my professional development. This short journey has placed me in contact with so many interesting and knowledgeable people, creating invaluable relationships. I want to thank netlogx for greatly exceeding my expectation of an internship and such a wonderful, knowledgeable experience. I hope and plan to continue the relationships I have built with the team.

Quote: “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vincent Lombardi.