“Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until they are in hot water.”

 Eleanor Roosevelt

Should women toot our own horn at work?

I don’t believe a man would ask that question and I don’t believe women need to. Self-aggrandizement is both a cultural and a gender related issue…….lighting the touch paper and standing back!

The speaker opened with a quick retort to the meeting organizer telling the truth about how she really ended up speaking at today’s luncheon and then a heartwarming human being introduced herself in a self-deprecating manner, capturing the audience’s full attention in seconds and proceeded to offer intimate details of her journey to that podium.

As Brooke shared how she lost herself; parenting her son and an alcoholic husband for years, living life for her mother, playing runner up to everyone else’s needs, while fighting to hold onto her dream that “marriage is forever” she experienced  “death by a 1000 paper cuts”, all around the room women were nodding and tearing up.

I wonder if Emily Pankhurst would be proud of where women are today or disappointed that despite endless success stories we still doubt ourselves. Am I good enough? Have I been promoted to incompetence? Can I do this? I believe she would remain proud of the movement she started. In 2014 while many of us ask those questions, either out loud to a good listener or quietly in our heads, we don’t shy away from the challenges we seek or are given, we step up and meet them head on. After a slow laborious start the momentum of outstanding women is building.

80% of success is showing up. Oscar Wilde

 Women are showing up. We are embracing opportunities everywhere, we are not carrying the Y chromosome ergo we approach those challenges differently than the “Y” carriers in the same arena. It is not wrong it is different. Feeling is not synonymous with emotional, assertive is not aggressive, intuition is real.

We need to know who we are and be brave enough to be that person fully. Brooke Crossley

 As Brooke shared, “stuff” happens, however, we can CHOOSE how we deal with it and how we live it.  We are our own worst critics, we should be our own best friend. We know who we are, and what is right for us better than anyone else. Do it, be it, with confidence, it will be evident to everyone over time because of the authenticity. Diversity is not just race, color, gender, sexual orientation or disability, it is seeing, appreciating and working with the value in everyone.



The quality of Brooke was evident to the audience as soon as she stood up. No need for a horn.