One of the things I enjoy most about working at netlogx is the opportunity to learn new things every day. This year, I was excited to have the opportunity to continue this education by attending the 2014 Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) with the netlogx team in Denver, Colorado. In the opening keynote, Jeff Margolis, the CEO of Welltok, kicked off the conference by posing a question: how can the healthcare community optimize health in a land of “sickcare?” Currently, medicine is practiced episodically; when an individual gets sick, he or she goes to the doctor and receives treatment. To truly optimize health outcomes, the healthcare community needs to shift from the current “sickcare” model to one of ongoing, proactive healthcare. Many of the sessions I attended at the conference seemed to tie back to this theme in some form or another.

Since social determinants are key factors contributing to health and wellness, health and human services agencies need to be able to track individuals across systems to get a full picture of an individual’s health status and identify potential barriers to wellness. Historically, this level of inter-agency collaboration has been difficult due to a variety of factors including different funding sources, varying agency goals, and privacy/security concerns. However, in order to truly shift from providing care to managing health, this collaboration is vital. Building this level of interoperability will also require large amounts of data and data analytics to allow Medicaid agencies to assess whether or not changes are effective in raising healthcare quality while decreasing costs. Similarly, Medicaid agencies need to review and refine their internal business processes to identify opportunities for increased efficiency while maximizing beneficiary engagement. Although the work ahead is daunting, I know that the netlogx team is excited to partner with states to move towards this vision. The netlogx team can help states with Project Management, Procurement Support, Business Process Reengineering, Privacy and Security assessments, Organizational Change Management, MITA SS-A, ICD-10 and IV&V. The netlogx team has the experience and expertise necessary to help states solve the many complex problems presented today.