We recently attended a Women & High Tech event that called up its members to present in a ‘show and tell’ format about their favorite gadget, apps and what we simply can’t live without! Aptly titled, The Intersection of Hi Tech & Real Life, the venue didn’t disappoint. It was high energy, informative and we (Katie and Stacy) found ourselves scrambling to keep up and note all of the new ‘stuff’ that the proverbialwe’ couldn’t live without now.

Then, along came Mikaela, a young woman who introduced her personal invention, the Chatter Egg. The what Egg?  Yes, from that moment all eyes locked on Mikaela as she took the stage with confidence, deftly swinging her back pack onto the floor, all the while sharing her story of innovation, creation and community support. As she described the ‘innovation’ class that she attended as a senior in high school we found our thoughts drifting, if only for a moment. What if we had that much ambition at the same point in our lives? What difference would it have made? What if our high school(s) had the same offering?

Back to the egg.  Mikaela went on to present her original egg prototype which was made of wood and painted to look like a pig (barn animal theme) placed in a barn shaped container. Her second example was a slightly larger egg with a panda painted on its face for children to play with. The third iteration was a smaller version of the egg made of a non-toxic materials that was automated and when touched, the egg wobbled and spoke (first in English and then repeated the same short sentence(s) in another language). Brilliant!

Mikaela talked about the people she met and the events she has attended along the way, those who offered sage advice, provided new information, and shared their expertise. One stand out event she mentioned was Fail Fest, which also caught our interest, and with a little research we gathered the following information from their website www.failfest.us that highlights the mission.

As noted on Fail Fest’s site: What smart people realize is that without failure there would be no success. Failure leads to insight. Failure leads to understanding. Failure leads to innovation. As Douglas Adams said, “Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”

Although Mikaela has had several Chatter Egg iterations, she continues to move in a positive direction, accepts sound advice, course corrects and holds her dream close. She is now working through the process of taking her invention to market and talking with an Indiana-based toy company. Clearly, we were in the presence of a remarkable individual on a path to making a difference in this world one Chatter Egg at a time.