Happy 17th Birthday netlogx.

As I sit and write this essay it is a beautiful morning.  It’s still cool in the morning and the sun is burning the dew off the grass.  It’s very much like it was 17 years ago when 3 of us set off to make a difference in business and start netlogx.

On that day, there were two things that we were sure of; that we were in the business of helping customers to manage Information Systems Risk and that as a company we were Diverse by Design. dbd

It’s this second idea that I am most proud of.  We looked at the world we wanted to serve and we could see that it was not a homogenous one size fits all kind of place.  We knew that we needed to be inclusionary in our thinking and our actions if we were to be true to this idea and we have never given on that point, no matter how challenging that was for us.

We have faced many challenges throughout the years in this regard and often from the strangest places.  Sometimes people who appeared to have the least in the way of “mainstream” lives would be the most vehement defenders of the status quo!

Don’t get me wrong, the last thing we do is sit around singing kumbaya!  We don’t often stand on ceremony either, but we do stop and take stock right away when those challenging ideas and modes appear.

As a result, the company is full of every kind of person and idea and looking for more every day.

I have lost count of the number of times a customer has said to me, “netlogx is so different from other companies”, and my favorite, “you have such great people”.

Yes we do.  Yes we really do.

Today we have a strong and determined woman, who leads with love, at the helm of this wonderfully eclectic company and we have an exceptional group of leaders who bring their own individuality to the mix.  Our consultants run the gambit in age and experience, but to a person they can tell you why netlogx is important to them and especially their customers.

So Happy Birthday netlogx! You have come a long way and you have been raised right.  You are classy, smart, strong and so very, very Diverse…by Design


The 3rd person at the table was our great friend Tom, who sadly died before we really got going, but I feel him in so much of what we do and I know, like me, he would be very proud.

If you would like to see a short documentary on the company it’s here. https://youtu.be/67OKe7-ySi4

It was made by another great diverse company fetchmedia.  Enjoy!