I recently had the pleasure of attending a training session at Accent on Business. The session was titled, “Mastering Your Fear of Public Speaking.” I felt as though the entire session was created especially for me. This was a topic that I could definitely relate well with. I have felt extreme anxiety when tasked to give a speech or presentation on a certain topic.

The trainers first started by coaching the participants through a series of warm-up activities in order to get the speaker relaxed and feeling good. These activities included; relaxed breathing, stretching your arms, stretching your back, forward and backward shoulder rolls, neck stretching, engaging in the “lion pose”, talking with your tongue outside your mouth, and finally jumping in place while counting to fifteen. While these activities may sound silly, they actually work! Give it a try!

The next activity consisted of coming up with several different mantra statements. The four I decided on included:

  • I am rested and ready to give it my all.
  • I look fabulous!
  • They cannot do this without me.
  • Today is my day!

They suggested repeating your mantras over and over again to yourself right before giving a public speech or presentation. It allows your brain to act on these statements and drown out any negative thoughts or doubts you may be having.

The last helpful activity was finding out and implementing a “power pose.” I concluded that my power pose was going to be Wonder Woman. This pose incorporates a bold, solid, meaningful sense of confidence.

I can tell you how much of a positive difference this training has already made in my world of public speaking and presenting. If you or anyone you know struggles with public speaking and presenting, pass this information along. I am happy to fill in any gaps.