I had heard about Trail Blazers and their annual luncheon for a number of years but I had never been fortunate enough to attend until this year. I was taken aback by how many attendees there were at the event – as one of my fellow netlogx team mates eloquently remarked, it was “stuffed to the gills with people!”

The five panelists shared their stories of overcoming their personal and professional challenges to become the successful business women they are today. Their stories were all at once honest, funny, moving, and truly inspiring. Each panelist offered a slightly different interpretation on the questions posed, which made for a well-rounded, engaging, and thoroughly uplifting luncheon.  Nikki Blaine (owner of Nikki Blaine Couture) shared details of how she hesitated over a period of two years and always found a reason not to take the plunge in leaving her job and forging ahead with her dream of becoming a full- time fashion designer. This story resonated with the luncheon attendees, as did the part of her story when she talked about her mother giving her the final push and encouragement that she needed to simply go for it! We often over-complicate situations and consider all of the reasons why we should not follow our dreams, rather than listening to our hearts – which made Nikki’s story all the more inspiring to me!

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – Anais Nin