One of the many perks of working at netlogx is the opportunity to attend various networking events throughout the year. On June 18th, I attended a luncheon for the Indy chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). netlogx is very involved in NAWBO; the company is a corporate partner and netlogx team members have served on the board in the past.

The topic of the luncheon was the “State of NAWBO: Past, Present, and Most Importantly the Future”. The audience heard a recap of 2014, then met the new members, corporate partners, president, and board of directors, which included netlogx’ own Audrey Taylor for the 2nd year in a row.

The new president, Kathy Cabello, discussed her vision for NAWBO Indy and why it is such an incredible organization. She spoke of the connections that members and partners can make through NAWBO, ones that will help down the road. NAWBO can help members drive their business growth, business opportunities, and business success. Kathy said that the energy in NAWBO is contagious and the same could be said for the energy at the luncheon. Attendees were clearly excited to be there as they mingled and caught up with fellow members, as well as enthusiastically greeted those who had never been to a NAWBO event.

Just before leaving, a woman approached me and asked if I had ever been to a NAWBO event before. She mentioned this was her first event and she had wanted “to see what NAWBO was all about”. From the energy, laughter, and overall inspirational environment of the event, I have a feeling she’ll be back. I know I will.