Tara Morse- netlogx Consultant

The 2016 MESC in St. Louis, Missouri will be my fourth consecutive Medicaid Enterprise conference to attend.  My initial thoughts are long days standing in heels, a lot of smiling and a lot of food, as the host city tries to ensure everyone gets a taste of their city.  However, as I look back over the past three years, we have built a lot of relationships and gained exposure to many state employees, working tirelessly to keep up with all of the health care changes, while leveraging existing and new technology to solve their problems.  While not all solutions are built with the same strategy, what they all have in common is the goal of leveraging federal financial participation to evolve into solutions which enable states to truly serve the growing Medicaid population.  It is exciting that we are so deeply involved in a state that is ready to implement a massive part of a Medicaid system and to be one of the first in the nation to go through the newly designed certification process.  While we cannot attend all sessions at the conference, our strategy is to focus on the sessions most relevant to the current and upcoming work in which we are engaged.  As part of the MESC group attending, I welcome input from team members who have time to peruse the MESC session descriptions and identify any which would be valuable for us to summarize and share. http://www.mesconference.org/agenda/list-view/