Thanks to my employer, netlogx, who provides volunteer service leave, on September 27, 2016, I participated in the Official Indy Do Day Service Project of the Rotary Club of Indianapolis.

You Can Make a Difference – That’s what the brochure from Pack Away Hunger said that was placed in front of my seat. 

 As I sat there waiting for the event to begin, I thought about the words on that brochure and the statistics I learned from Pack Away Hunger.  Every day, more than 8,000 children die of starvation.  That is a shocking statistic.  But such issues of malnutrition and hunger are problems not only in Third World countries.  Right here in Indiana, 1 in 6 individuals struggle with regular access to nutritious meals.  In some Indiana counties, it reaches 19%.  This year the Rotary Club chose to donate the meals packed at the event to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. Learning of those statistics, I wondered if this event really would make much of an impact given the staggering need versus the small amount of time I was able to provide that day.    But as the brochure stated, You Can Make a Difference.

 This was my second year to participate in the Rotary Club’s Indy Do Day Service Project with Pack Away Hunger so I knew what to expect:  a room full of people wearing hair nets and plastic gloves lined up on  both sides of long tables working at a furious pace to keep up with the constant flow of bags being filled with scoops of soy, rice, vitamins, and flavorings, then weighed, sealed, stacked and packed.  Woe to the person on the line who loses focus for a moment by recognizing someone they hadn’t seen in years and tries to say hello or mistakenly adds the scoop of rice before the soy – guilty on both counts.   I definitely have a greater appreciation for people who work on assembly lines. 

 Team work and camaraderie were plentiful and reminded me of the John Heywood quote, “Many hands make light work.”   At the end of the event, I found the answer to my question about how much of an impact could be made:

 1 group of caring people

90 minutes of work

11,664 meals

Yes, You Can Make a Difference, and all of us at the event that day did our part in helping to make a difference in feeding the hungry in central Indiana.

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