2016 was a huge year in my life. I was married, bought a home, and joined netlogx, all before December! Although stress ran high for most of the year proceeding these big events, it was very nice to receive such a warm welcome from everyone at netlogx during my whole period of onboarding which continued in to our December 16th team training.

I really enjoyed visiting Indianapolis for the Holiday party and training. My wife and I arrived on the evening of Thursday, December 15th and were welcomed in to the festive downtown Marriot, which was very comfortable and cozy. The following morning, I met with other coworkers in the lobby and we headed for training. The band was great and they really did an awesome job at energizing us for the rest of the day. Several team members then presented and I was happy to learn from each one of them. I feel that when big change is going to take place (Daptiv), it can really be beneficial to have a large group of everyone together as opposed to small individual learning groups, so we are all on the same page. I was glad this went as well as it did. I really enjoyed the interview setting with Nick and Audrey, I thought this was a neat way of presenting feedback, ideas, and direction from the past, and for the future.  I drew a particularly large amount of inspiration from Nick Taylor’s presentation, most importantly on empathy, and how we must truly embody it, to understand our clients and one another on a more effective and personalized scale.

Training at the netlogx office was busy and fun. I was finally able to meet so many of my coworkers and learn more about their roles, families, and lives. I really enjoyed the four sessions I attended, especially the Facilitation session, where Nelson, Rick, and Brian shared a lot of helpful insight on their facilitation experiences through the years. Storyboarding was a lot of fun, too.  We learned even more about each other through creative collaboration, and expressed where we see the future of netlogx in the upcoming years. The presentation at the end was wonderful in seeing everyone’s work and vision, and it sealed the day in a perfect manner.

The dinner that evening was very tasty, and it was great to see and meet more coworkers and their loved ones. I was a happy individual yet again, because my wife and I sat opposite of Audrey and Nick, and it was really inspiring getting to know and understand them more. I can say I walked out a very happy and thankful employee, and a big thank you goes out to those who worked so hard in organizing it all.

Thank you, Joel Gutzki