The reach of a newsletter….I subscribe to several newsletters from businesses and industries that are outside the sphere of what we at netlogx do. I have found these provide interesting reading and an opportunity to look at the world differently. As an example, back in June I received a newsletter with only one item:


It’s that time of year again…

Announcing an executive coaching organization would begin summer hours. Now as they were based in New York and I’ve seen enough movies with the city summer exodus maybe this is not all that new but it got me thinking….and so in 2017 here at netlogx we introduced a netlogx Summer Hours Bonus PTO Initiative!

PTO pic

Simply put we added 3 PTO hours in July and 3 PTO hours in August for each of our hardworking netlogx team members to head out early on Fridays to enjoy the season. As Labor Day approaches and the summer comes to an end I checked in on how this bonus had been used – as ever the netlogx team made their time count!

“I used my first Friday summer PTO to spend an end of summer hurrah with my granddaughter before school started getting pedicures and shopping for back to school necessities.  A truly fun afternoon.”

“The second Friday I got a head start on the weekend chores, spending time in my “Garden of Weedin’” enjoying the flowers and sunshine while doing battle with the weeds.”

“Being able to dress casual and have those two Friday afternoons off were a great bonus this summer and much appreciated.  Thanks again!”

“Thank you for the wonderful Summer PTO extra hours!  Launching 2 kids off to college this year (*tears* … lonely and BROKE!), this bonus provided extra time to help them prepare without compromising hours to genuinely rest my eyes and mind! As always, I value and appreciate your tremendous attention and generosity.”

“Thank you so much for the Summer PTO Hours benefit. It was wonderful to have that bit of time that I could keep all for myself. I usually have a standing meeting at the client every Friday, but for two golden afternoons in July and August, they were cancelled by the client and I found my Summer PTO Hours benefit happily colliding with an open afternoon. How great is that?”

“I used my time well. I dashed home, rounded up my husband and my knitting bag, and trundled happily off to the bookstore for browsing, knitting, coffee, and enjoying my husband’s slightly sardonic sense of humor – in other words – the perfect afternoon! Those afternoons helped me regain my balance and got me rested for the next week.”

“I used my hours in July to host my sorority sisters from college at my house for a long weekend. We started the festivities earlier on Friday. It had been a year since we were all together. We enjoyed the time together to reconnect since it will be at least another year before we are all together again.”

“For my August hours, I took my mom shopping and to lunch. She has chosen a healthier lifestyle. As a result, she needed to purchase clothes in a smaller size. We enjoyed salad from Panera Bread. It was a beautiful afternoon to share with my mom.”

“I was able to use the Summer PTO to join my husband and kids at the children’s museum. I usually miss out on fun things like this because they go during the week when it’s less crowded. It was so fun to get to see their excitement in the circus area and the hot wheels exhibit. We finished the day out by walking through the dinosaur exhibit and hearing my 1.5-year-old saying RAHHH the whole-time walking around the dinosaurs.”

As if these great messages weren’t reward enough I recently heard that freeing up time is actually a way to make us happier! Taking time for ourselves is huge and we need to all work on finding time to do this!