It’s easy to feel down in the dumps these days about the state of nation. Polarizing politicians, nuclear adversaries, and violent protests do little to provide the average American with confidence.

It wasn’t until I attended the IndyHub Forward event earlier this summer, that I was reminded of all the good our government can bring us. We were greeted with a smiling panel of three Indianapolis locals who have run for, and in some cases, served on the Indianapolis City Council. These smiles were more than just formality – they were genuine.

This was made apparent throughout their conversations. These individuals demonstrated a commitment to their community that is often overlooked in the political tirades. They’ve sacrificed countless hours of their time and jeopardized their careers and relationships to dedicate themselves to the idea of bettering Indianapolis.

I left with open eyes as I was greeted with continued service and dedication when I returned to my desk.

Because my career involves collaboration with State governments, I am often surrounded by civil servants who have devoted their lives to the communities they serve. I have been fortunate to see the devotion with which the government serves its constituents.

It may often feel as though we are unheard in tempest of political discord, but we should be proud to live in a country where the average citizen can stand up and better the lives of their neighbors.