Team Building festivities are a special time for us at netlogx. As a Consulting Services firm, the opportunity to gather our entire team together is difficult, indeed.  Since our days our spent striving to delight our clients, helping them to solve complex problems and positioning them for success in the future.  Yet, netlogx places an emphasis on TEAM and is dedicated to pulling as many of us together as possible on a quarterly basis.  However, it is the December meeting that I cherish the most.  Perhaps, it is because it is the year end, or the holiday season lurks only a fortnight away, there seems to be a palatable sense of joy and closeness.

This December team building meeting was particularly impactful, in my view, as it allowed the gifts of our individual team members to shine.  Whether it was in training sessions, presentations or the cool cats amongst sharing their musical talents over lunch, everyone had the chance to reveal their gifts and how those collective gifts make netlogx an extraordinary team.

My faith points me to sacred scripture and St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians (Chapter 12) in which St. Paul focuses on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as the expression of wisdom, expression of knowledge, healing, prophecy, discernment of spirits, varieties of tongues, and, interpretation of tongues.  All the gifts are “given for some benefit” of the church.

St. Paul goes on to describe how the church is like different parts of the human body.  That is, all the parts of the body play an essential role, but those roles and gifts are different, yet essential for us (humans) to thrive.  The 2017 December Team Building depicted that same reality for me, dozens of different people with different skills.  Those differences are celebrated and allowed to flourish, but within the structure of our team, netlogx!

Many gifts, one team, one passion, one netlogx!  And so, it goes, the realization for our creed comes to pass on full display by all our team members, who have carved out time to be together and celebrating being one team!