Our recent team building days presented us as a company with a unique opportunity. Throughout the two days allocated to the event, we were able to come together professionally to learn and grow. This opportunity only comes up occasionally, so it is certainly a special occasion when it does.

We were shown a variety of presentations, all of which were phenomenal as it was clear how diligently each presenter had worked on their speeches. I know that, in particular, I certainly learned that more is possible with Daptiv than I had originally thought or even known – and the Daptiv session definitely showed me some new-to-me key functions that I will be able to make good use of in my role as a Project Coordinator on a daily basis.

The Dragons’ Den activity was most likely the most unique idea of the event. Each team performed admirably, especially give the fire and brimstone that was the Dragons’ Den! It was a great way to explore different manners of thinking throughout our day-to-day, and a very unique way to allow us to be thinking critically about new opportunities that may be possible for netlogx.


Even though we were not all able to make all the sessions due to client obligations, the underlying theme of these team building days permeates throughout. We may not all know what each person within netlogx is doing every day, or on which project each person may currently be placed, but when we have these events we are able to come together and learn about each other and about the company. We can catch up with each other, and this is central to the success and culture of the company. We are able to see familiar faces that maybe we haven’t seen in a little while as though nothing has changed, because these team building days clearly embody the message and the idea: one netlogx.