Wendy 2 2018 Equal Gender Pay

Equal Pay for Equal Work is Still a Myth for Many Women in Indiana

According to a new study released this week, Indiana’s gender wage gap as one of the worst in the country.  The Indiana Institute for Working Families’ study found women in the Hoosier state earn less, own less and experience poverty more often than men. For minority women, the gap is even larger.

This report describes gender wage, wealth, and poverty gaps in Indiana, finding that while Hoosier women have closed gaps in education and are participating in the workforce in record numbers, the wage gap tells us that women still earn less.

The Gender Equality Movement

Strives have been made by many companies and even governments to fix gender and race pay gaps.  Iceland this month took inequality in the workplace to a higher level by enacting a new law that makes it illegal to pay women less than men. Possible fines for employers are around $500 per day.

Closing the gender pay gap benefits employers and workers.  Embracing a gender perspective can help companies to recruit and retain the best employees and create a positive work environment.

Wendy 1 2018.Diversity in the Workplace

Continuing the Dialogue 

Talk of diversity in the workplace is nothing new, but it is getting more attention these days on a variety of levels.  People are not only speaking out about gender pay, but also about gender based sexual harassment in the workplace, and advancing gender balance in decision making leadership positions to name a few hot topics of late.

Women & Hi Tech, Indiana’s largest nonprofit organization that supports women in STEM-fields, is hosting on February 1 an interactive forum featuring diverse female leaders discussing A Double Whammy or Triple Threat: The Disparity of Diversity Amongst Women in STEM. While the number and advancement of women in executive leadership is often tracked as a diversity metric, even among women, equal access to leadership opportunities are not always available. Register today to attend this timely discussion.

A Diverse Workplace Makes Good Business Sense

Studies are showing that the more diverse a workplace is, the more success it achieves. More diverse companies win in innovation and outperform their competitors. Retaining a diverse, inclusive group of employees lets your company reflect the world around you. #timeforachange