Thank you, Audrey and Nick for providing the travel incentive to all of us. I was able to go down and visit Melbourne, Florida where my Mom, 14-year-old brother, Elijah, and Stepfather live. Melbourne is a little city on the east coast of Florida, located about 45 minutes to the east of Orlando, just south of Cocoa Beach.

Andrew Family Pic

This trip was special because my older brother, Ted, who lives all the way in North Dakota and younger sister, Monica, who lives in Fort Wayne, IN were also able to visit at the same time. My mom was able to enjoy all her crazy children at once in a casual vacation setting for the first time in two years! Below are some of activities we enjoyed:

  • Backgammon: We hung out by the pool and played a lot backgammon.  It only took twenty tries and four days before I finally won a game, and I never did beat Ted or Elijah.  Lucky for netlogx, this means I will probably need to keep my day job!
  • Bikini Bar: Lunch and Drinks on the beach
  • Lazy Afternoons watching the Masters Golf Tournament
  • Settlers of Catan: A family favorite board game that always brings out interesting sides of our personalities when the competition gets intense
  • Dog Track: Mom and I decided to do a little a gambling at the local dog track, a new experience for both. We both lost our gambling budget of 20 dollars, providing another reason to keep the day job!
  • Run in the sun… A lot… SPF 100 couldn’t prevent my poor pale face from getting sunburned
  • Airboat Ride: Cruised through the St. John’s river on an airboat, observing live alligators in the wild and battling the wind
  • A LOT of home-cooked food: As a single guy who lives away from family, my home-cooked meals tend to be simple, consistent, and/or non-existent. Nothing like home-cooked food from Mom!