Sometimes, it’s hard to get people to an early morning breakfast. When we walked into the recent Pass the Torch for Tech Breakfast, this was far from the truth.


The room was full and buzzing with women and men networking, talking, sharing, and trading business cards. This group was excited, and we were excited for what we had in store for them.


Mayor Joe Hogsett greeted everyone from the stage. He immediately put on his rally cap and told the audience Indianapolis has gone from “tech’s best kept secret to tech’s capital of the Midwest.” Across the country, Indianapolis is ranked number four in tech hubs, but that’s certainly not enough for Indianapolis. “We want to be number one, right?” He asked again, “What do we want to be?” The crowd enthusiastically agreed and replied, “Number one.”


We do want to be number one, and we know that in order to become number one, we have to create a pipeline of talent and opportunities across the STEM field. Women & Hi Tech knows it takes boldness, curiosity, and diligence to pursue studies and a career in STEM, regardless of your gender, and we’re here to support central Indiana women making this happen.

We are delighted to further our goal of inclusivity in STEM careers through partnerships with like-minded organizations like Pass the Torch for Women and Indy Women in Tech. With Indianapolis developing as the Midwest technology hub, engaging women in tech is vital to support continued growth.


Mentors are such a significant contributor to the growth and success of our current students and women who are already involved in STEM to take it to the next level. The mentorship efforts of Pass the Torch for Women Foundation have directly contributed to the thriving opportunities and expertise of women in the STEM field in Indiana.


Indy Women in Tech’s efforts to introduce women to STEM careers, propel them through the ranks, and provide them with the opportunities they need to succeed is critical. More women will be present in the pipeline and in STEM roles because of their efforts.

This partnership will do so many things for the women who are in STEM fields today and the women who will be in this field tomorrow. We can’t do this alone, and I’d like to thank all of our sponsors and partners for their efforts and contributions to women in technology. We are stronger when we work together.


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